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Activación de la cuenta de padres

Paso 1 de 3: Declaración de privacidad

Lea la siguiente declaración de privacidad y haga clic en el botón Aceptar para aceptar el acuerdo de privacidad
Thank you for visiting Stockton Unified School District Parent and Student portal. We take privacy seriously and have implemented several physical and technological safeguards to protect all parent and student data in our systems. If you suspect your privacy has been violated, please contact us immediately at enrollment@stocktonusd.net. To help us protect your on-line information, please do not share your username and password with anyone. You may change your password on your own if you are logged in. Your user account can be completely reset if you think someone has obtained your login credentials without your permission, please report this immediately at enrollment@stocktonusd.net. Warning - Unauthorized access, attempted access, or use of any State computing system is a violation of Section 502 of the California Penal Code and/or applicable Federal Laws.
Haga clic en aceptar significa que usted acepta la declaración de privacidad anterior.